Fangirling About Books: Ride 'Em

From the Publisher:

Mindy has come to Logan’s dude ranch to convince him to sign away his land’s mineral rights to her stepfather. She doesn’t want to beg, but she will if she has to, like she does Friday nights when she submits to her master’s desire . . . 
Logan doesn’t like to be jerked around, in business or pleasure. And when he learns what Mindy is up to, he’s ready to teach her a lesson. In fact, he’d like to tie her up, strip her down, and give her a spanking she’ll never forget . . .
With passion riding high, Logan and Mindy indulge in carnal play that leaves them both wanting more. And with their jobs on the line, they realize that their erotic fantasies might be their ticket to success . . .

I was going to attempt to actually review this book, but I don't think I'm capable. It was a big, fluffy squee-fest from start to finish. Which comes as no surprise to me. Dryden's The Theory of Attraction  and the whole Science of Temptation series did things to little just starting to figure things out about herself me. Ahem.

I'm pretty sure my husband thought I was losing the few marbles I have with all of the maniacal giggling I did while reading this book, which I one of the biggest reasons I loved it. Dryden is fucking funny. And she lets her characters be awkward and funny and silly too, even though they're engaging in BDSM sex. No billionaire, brooding Rom-Doms here. Instead, we have Mindy, who names the spider living in her cabin Moose. Or the ranch's cook, Robert, who has boner-spotting superpowers and not-so-subtly outs himself and Logan by whistling Rihanna. And Logan, who has a horse named Charley who was rescued from an actual carnival and they have an actual comedy routine for the guests. It's all so adorable and I can't even.

I loved the dynamic between Logan and Mindy, loved that they were sweet and silly with each other and not focused on strict protocol. Loved that she calls yellow and it's not a big deal, it's respected and adjusted for. And there's agency and ownership of desires and communication and consent and discussion of STI status and holy God they even talk about using barriers for oral sex. None of that detracts from the hotness of their scenes. Even the scene that Mindy later deems “thirty percent scene, seventy percent ill-advised beej and dry humping.”

So there wasn't a lot of high-key drama and the resolution to their problems is fairly obvious, sometimes a person needs a little fluff. Fluff and hot sex and "The guy who makes me laugh about magic spunk and the circus horse he rode in on," are all high on my list of delightfully escapist priorities. And this, like Dryden's others that I've read, will totally end up on my rereading list, for both snort-giggling and oh my I need to fan myself hotness. Also I will be eagerly awaiting next March, for the second installment of the series, Rope 'Em. Rope tops on a kinky dude ranch? Yes, please!

Sionna Fox