Fangirling About Books: Bluest of Blue

From the Publisher:

Asshole,F**ker, Pain In The Ass... 

Wade Addison considers those fairly accurate alternatives to his name. He's not normal, he's an outsider and he prefers it that way, which is why Sophie Lake is his own personal hell. She's a PR maven to take all his knowledge and quirks and turn him into a soundbite for the observatory. She's his nightly wet dream. The sound of her voice can get him off. He hates her--her wit, her smile, her legs, her kissable mouth. 

Hate turns to lust and lust turns into an affair, but the skeletons in both of their closets start to rattle. And they refuse to be ignored.

Bluest of Blue is the third installment of Melissa Blue's #dirtysexygeeks series and man I hope she keeps going with these guys. I read the first book, To One Hundred, a couple of months ago and enjoyed the hell out of it. Admittedly, I skipped over the second book Down to Ash to get my hot, little hands on this one because “Hello, Doctor Who nerds!” Blue has called this series her “love letters to fandoms” and it shows. (I knew that fez was going to be a Chekhov's gun.) They're also love letters to chosen families and the deeply flawed humans who make them.

The note I kept making while reading Bluest of Blue was how much I loved Wade's friends. I clearly missed a little of bit of intra-family drama by not reading Down to Ash but it was also pretty easy to pick up on it and figure out the broad strokes of the issue. These guys take care of each other. Really, really good care of each other, and especially of Wade. They shit-talk and make bets and act like assholes while they do it, but they're there for each other. I loved the fact that seeing Wade with his friends, and seeing the love and loyalty there, is one of the reasons Sophie softens towards him.

And while I don't share Wade's diagnosis, so many of his fears around his mental illness felt so familiar. The feeling of being betrayed by your own brain, the constant questioning of 'is this a bad day? Or am I on the edge of a cliff and I just don't know it yet?' the fear that truly, you don't deserve a romantic partner because no one should have to put up with you at your worst; it all hit so close to home for me.

And yes, the enemies to lovers, I'll play along with your publicity scheme if you watch all of new-Who in a week, verbal sparring to falling into bed and having dirty fez sex is great, too. And I feel like I'm on a lucky roll with the new books I've read recently wherein the plot doesn't hinge on poor communication. In Wade and Sophie's case, they both guard some things until later in the book, but they're both aware of it and that the other is doing it. The problem isn't that they don't communicate, or miscommunicate, it's that they both have one foot out the door waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I loved their snark, and their nerd jokes, and the Who references, but what really made my heart feel like it grew three sizes by the end of the book, was the portrayal of Wade's family and the way they support him and each other. I want to spend more time in their weird universe, which is why I hope like hell the rest of the Goon Squad will get their HEA's too.

Sionna Fox