More Fangirl! And a spiffy new website!

Hey look, the website got a major refresher. I gave up on my old (cheaper, admittedly) host and look how shiny and clean it is around here! (Forgive me for any broken links that may have snuck by me. I'm not a prolific blogger by any means, so I think I checked them all, but they're rascally little buggers.)

Now! More squee!

In no particular order, other stuff I fucking loved this year. (Yes, this requires cursing. Have you met me?)

TV (because everyone needs a mental break):

Jane the Virgin. Romancelandia strikes again with the amazing recommendations (seriously, I think almost all the TV I fell in love with this year is because of other romance writers' recs). This show, guys. It's so good. Gloriously off the wall in true telenovela style one minute, smartly tackling feminism, family, and romance the next. And dear, sweet heck Gina Rodriguez. I want her to be in all the things. 

Jane's one of us!

Jane's one of us!

And speaking of gloriously off the wall, you should be watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, too. I wasn't sure if I was going to be into it, but it turns out a musical about a lawyer who's high-functioning professionally but grapples with severe anxiety and depression and completely upends her life on a whim is right up my street. Gee, I wonder how I could possible identify with Rebecca.

Most recently, oh my God, Yuri on Ice. I’m making a high-pitched noise of glee just thinking about it. Yeah, I didn’t think I would be so into an anime about men’s figure skating either but holy mother of goats, am I ever. It’s so fucking cute. And sneaky with the feels. The main characters are each struggling with shades of depression/anxiety/aggressively being fifteen in the midst of a highly competitive sport and I literally cried at the season finale. (I'm not even going to attempt to gif it, or I'll come out of a fanart rabbit hole three days from now.)

And other stuff:

After years of gentle prodding from my husband and various mental health professionals, I took up meditation towards the end of this year. I think it’s helping. I’ve been liking the Calm app. Her voice is soothing, and the sessions are generally only ten to fifteen minutes long, which makes it easier to commit to daily, and less intimidating.

I’m also back on my yoga mat after a very long time away. I am LOVING the online classes from Jessamyn Stanley and Dana Falsetti that I got through Cody. The upfront cost made me gulp a little, but it’s less than a studio membership, that’s for sure. As someone who has struggled with her perception of her body for most of her life, I am so grateful for a practice focused on building strength, and not tightening, toning, slimming, whatever. You do you, but I’m not interested in yoga as aerobics class. I’m happy to have found a way to reconnect with a practice that helps me celebrate and respect my body as it is each day.

And finally, in a wrap-up for this total doozy, mindfuck of a year, in which it has been hard to imagine the future, who needs a new planner? I realized at some point this year that I don’t really use planners to actually plan, but more like a journal. I’d like to be flying less by the seat of my pants, but that’s kind of how I roll. Nevertheless, I buy a new planer every year. So far, I’m liking the one I got from Inkwell Press. It’s huge, but the paper stock is nice and heavy and it looks like it should be nigh-indestructible. (And hey, if you want, use this link and get ten dollars off your order. Here ends talk about money and selling things.)

Cheers to the death of this goddamn year, in which it has been hard to hold on the good and amazing things that have happened. Have a puppy picture on me.

Yes, Mama. Throw the snowball. Again. 

Yes, Mama. Throw the snowball. Again. 

Sionna Fox