Where I've Been Hiding and Good News

You may have noticed (you probably haven't, but it's cool, we're still friends) that I have been rather absent in the last month. The short answer for why is that I am working a day job again. I started at the beginning of August and though the job isn't particularly mentally taxing, it is physically draining, especially after spending the better part of the last two years sitting at a desk. Thus, I have been collapsing into bed early every night and falling asleep with the light still on and my book (phone) in my hand.

Writing has suffered, that's for sure. And I felt like I didn't read much in the last month, but I just looked at my planner (I've been writing down what book I'm reading each day) but I think I'm just not remembering them very well because I've been so tired. (And a couple of the books I read were kind of lackluster.)

One I did love was Perv, by Dakota Gray (aka Melissa Blue, I've written before about how I love her work). The book is quick, fun, and as you might have guessed from the title, pretty sexy. As I said to Dakota on twitter:

For the good news! I am officially a finalist in the IRWA's Golden Opportunity contest, in the erotic romance category.

This means two real, live editors have the first fifty pages of my novel plus the synopsis. What I've discovered through the feedback I've gotten from other contest judges is that people seem to either totally get this heroine or they totally don't. Think good thoughts for me that these two are the former.

Now I'm going to disappear into my editing cave while I polish up a novella for submission later this month. 

Sionna Fox