It's really real.

If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed some changes round these parts. Specifically to the header. And my bio here and on other social media. That tab that says books? Yeah. HOLY SHIT I HAVE A BOOK COMING OUT IN MAY.

I've hesitated officially announcing anything because my old friend impostor syndrome was all like "hey, they might call you and tell you they've made a terrible mistake and just kidding, no book for you." But the final draft is turned in and no has told me it isn't real yet and I'm talking next steps with my editor (my editor!) so...Impostor syndrome can have all the seats.

Sionna Fox will be on your digital shelves in May thanks to the lovely folks at Carina Press. I'll have more details, links, covers, etc. soon-ish and will share. In the meantime, I'll keep squeeing about books and men's figure skating anime (I'm way down in that fandom rabbit hole. Send help.)

You may have also noticed that there's an "Events" tab up there. I'll be at the NECRWA Conference in April and the RT Booklovers' Convention in May. I won't be signing at these events, but I'll be around, possibly with swag. I'll have more to say about that closer to the events. 

And now, back to this:

What would we do without Kermit gifs?

What would we do without Kermit gifs?

Sionna Fox