Now We Blurb

More excitement! The blurb for Wolf Summer is up at most retailers, so I'm sharing it here. I'm going to say this a lot, but again, huge gratitude to the fine folks at Carina Press for getting this book and doing amazing work with the cover and the copy. I LOVE IT. 

When Callie Anders wakes up in her best friend’s bed with a hangover that makes her feel like she’s been hit by a truck—well, it’s because she has been hit by a truck. And turned into a shape-shifting wolf with a raging lust to jump her gorgeous best friend Sam, the werewolf who bit her. Happy twenty-first birthday.

Sam MacTire couldn’t just leave Callie to die in the road, and there was no time to wait for an ambulance. No time to do anything but what he did: make her a shifter like himself. There would be no more need to hide from her. He’s always loved her, and now…

An irresistible bond has things heating up between them, fast. But outside their private world, all signs point to a setup. Someone wanted Sam to break the sacred laws of the shifter clan and face the horrific consequences. Unless he can convince Callie to testify on his behalf—convince her that he hasn’t betrayed her, lied to her their whole lives—there’s a very good chance that Sam may never see his newfound mate again.
— Wolf Summer

Release day is only thirteen weeks away! (Yes, I'm counting down.)

In the meantime, I'm pecking away at a super sekrit new project, eyeing Wolf Summer-related swag for conferences, and enjoying the (temporary) early spring here in New England. Keep checking back for more news, teasers, and book squee as we get closer to May 22!

Sionna Fox