When It's Work

I'm at work on something new. Which means some days feel awesome and some days I'm listening to "Yuri on Ice" (no, I'm not over it yet) on repeat and feeling like I'm trying to pull my own teeth out with a clothespin. I know most writers aspire to effortless, natural prose, but sometimes I think it helps to admit that this shit is hard. (And if it's not for you, just wait, someday it will be. If it never happens to you, well, don't rub it in, okay?)

In the meantime, join me for some book-ish distraction over on instagram, where I'm joining in with BookRiot's #riotgrams this month. 

I'm also super excited for Cecilia Tan's latest: Hard Rhythm. I started it last night, and may have stayed up past my bedtime reading. Membership in the Bad Decisions Book Club has been renewed.

And lastly, thanks to past Sionna and Tessa Dare for this: 

Getting the words out of my head and onto the page isn't easy, especially now. But we can do it! Forward! Doubt not! Resist! 

Sionna Fox