Shiny Objects, Plot Bunnies, and My Garbage Brain

There comes a time, in every work in progress, when I absolutely fucking hate the thing. It's not working, I'm a total hack, this is all one giant dumpster fire and I'm ashamed of myself. My brain supplies a steady dose of confidence-eroding whispers and I start to wonder if I'll ever produce anything anyone wants to read ever again. None of this is true.

My garbage brain is on fire. 

My garbage brain is on fire. 

Now, the prevailing advice is to just keep going. Which is fine, and usually a good idea. The first draft is often not as bad as I think it is and it's easy to walk away from a project in a fit of frustration and then never come back to it. New ideas are shiny and most writer's brains are like magpies. They don't call 'em plot bunnies for nothing. 

BUT. Sometimes the story really is garbage. Or maybe this just isn't the right time for that idea. I'm slowly learning the difference between a crisis of confidence and knowing when a story just isn't coming together and I should move on, at least for now, to something else. 

I'm in that space now, trying to figure out if this story isn't working, and if it isn't, can I salvage it? Why isn't it working? Or do I say to hell with it and walk away? 

In the meantime, I'm allowing myself to chase another plot bunny for a short story, working on promo stuff for Wolf Summer (swag coming soon!!!), and getting back on the yoga/mindfulness horse that I fell right off of when the hubs got sick.

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Sionna Fox