Just When I Think I've Recovered...

Now that I'm semi-functional again after the NECRWA conference, I'm getting ready to head off to the RT Booklovers' Convention in a couple of weeks and plotting a super sekrit event that you will hopefully hear about soon. Stay tuned, y'all. 

I genuinely cannot believe that in barely over a month, I will be a published author. My words will be out there, for public consumption. That is...wild. I took this leap of trying to get published, and it...happened. And the more I know about how publishing works, I'm both in awe of my dumb-ass luck and aware of the privileged position I started from. It's complicated. 

Right now, I'm excited to share Sam and Callie with people. I can only hope that readers will love them like I did. (But come May 22, if you see me stalking reader reviews, SLAP MY COMPUTER OUT OF MY HANDS. I don't care if they're all glowing, I don't need to know. And they won't all be glowing. You can't please everyone. One person's one-star review is another person's "sprained my finger one-clicking." See, I'm muttering platitudes already.)

Sionna Fox