Wolf Summer Out NOW!

I am still in  state of general shock and disbelief that this is happening. 

I hope readers love Sam and Callie the way I did. And if they don't I hope they don't tell me about it. 

I am eternally grateful to a large number of people for making this possible. My dreams are coming true, and that does not happen in a vacuum. People think of writing as solitary, but the shift from sitting alone in front of my laptop to getting this book into your hands is a team effort.

These two goobers and their shenanigans wouldn't be seeing the light of day without the fine folks at Carina Press, who wanted to publish it. (True story: it took weeks for me to believe that they hadn't called me by mistake. I kept waiting for the "Whoops! Our bad!" phone call.) Then my editor, Deb Nemeth, came in and helped me make the story so much better than it was. Editors = superheroes. Then there's the team of people who make things like covers, blurbs, and marketing happen. 

Then there are the people who make my life go round. Team Lu, my friends, my family, my Brady, and especially my husband. Every one of you has amazed me with your love and support for my hare-brained scheme of becoming a romance writer. I love you all.

Cheers to Sam and Callie, and here's to the next one! (And details on that are coming sooooooon.)


Sionna Fox