Links, Reader Hangouts, and Books I'm Loving: A Roundup

Real talk, friends, I'm trying to do this blogging thing on the regular. I mean, I talk a lot, so maybe I can put some of that chatter into a post. Also, blogging is a good distraction from staring down a possible nuclear apocalypse started by two megalomaniacs with itchy fingers. RIGHT? Also, I'm totally supposed to be cleaning my house right now...

Dark Rooms News!

Dark Rooms got its first review this week! The Romance Reviews gave it five stars, making it a recommended read in erotic romance! You can read the whole thing here:

Truly, the thing that tickled me most is that the reviewer noted the first negotiation scene and called it "a dream." That stuff is super important to me and to have someone recognize what I was trying to do is...yes. (Evergreen reminder that romance novels are not instructional manuals and even though I'm proud of that scene it is still VERY abbreviated from a what a real-life negotiation with someone you just met would/should look like. *Gets down from soapbox.*)

You can also check out an interview I did with Romantic Reviews here. I got to babble about my lack of a writing process and (some of) the authors who shaped my baby romance writing brain. Also I mention the importance of community for the zillionth time which leads me to...

SBTB Reader Meet-Up

Pic borrowed from  here .

Pic borrowed from here.

Reader, reviewer, word nerd, and friend, Suzanne, graciously hosted a Smart Bitches meet-up at her house on Saturday night and it was DELIGHTFUL. It did not hurt one bit that her adorable children insisted on making me birthday cake and singing to me on arrival. Also we inducted my BFF into Romancelandia with drinks, snacks, and conversation that ranged from books to politics to corgis chasing laser pointers and back to books. It's amazing how even for an avowed introvert, hanging with your people can make you temporarily feel like you understand how extroverts derive energy from social interaction. Weird, but true. 

And speaking of community and your people...

A thing I am loving right now is HBIC Nation's Post-Con Workbook. I am god-awful at anything resembling goal-setting, but I found this guided note-taking approach helpful. Less, "where do you see yourself in five years" and more, "remember to pack fresh eye makeup remover next time and spring for the recordings so you don't have so much FOMO angst choosing sessions." And yes, what are you working on in the next six months. Manageable time frames. And hey, I'm sitting here blogging which was one of my goals.

AND LASTLY. What am I reading right now?

We had an interesting discussion on Saturday night about the difficulties of reviewing anthologies specifically, and more generally, the way stories work for some people and not others based on preferences, lived experiences, social and cultural stuff, etc. That discussion was kicked off in part by Rogue Desire. 

I haven't finished it yet (I used to be a super-fast reader, but now I am SO SLOW), but so far, it's SO GOOD. I haven't been head over heels in love with every story, but none of them is dragging down the collection, either. The ebook price is a total steal for eight stories, and the paperback isn't cheap, but it is hefty. And if you can't get enough resistance romance, Rogue Affair comes out November 8 and is available for preorder now.


Sionna Fox