Dark Rooms is OUT NOW! And I have conference brain!

Uhhh....welcome back, y'all! Dark Rooms dropped into the world in the middle of RWA17 and my brain feels broken open but I'm also still so tired because so many people and my lovely editors would shoot me for this run-on sentence but hey, it's in my voice, right? And that's why you're here, right? 

Whew. If I ever attempt to manage both a new release and a major conference in the same week ever again, someone please tell me to sit down, shut up, and hire an assistant for that week. Because unless it's self-published, we don't have a whole lot of say in when our books go out into the world.

SO! Dark Rooms! My babies! In the world! The first chapter is currently FREE on Instafreebie, if you want to check it out. It will stay that way through the month of August. Buy links are up for major retailers over here. (Except Google Play, sorry people like me who use that platform. You can buy the epub and upload it!) 

Wes is probably my favorite hero I've written so far. He came from my brain, but I love him? Is that weird? Do I care? He's just so...good. A dirty, kinky sex-having sweet guy. He'll tie you up and give you good girl spankings, then spoon you after. (Psst! Tops need aftercare, too!)

Aimee is a mess who thinks she has her shit together. Not that I'm familiar with that feeling AT ALL. (Side-eyes self.) The iron grip she keeps on her life is going to get tested, and how. 


Throughout August, Dark Rooms and I will be popping up with guest blogs, author interviews, and sneak peeks. Last week, I wrote about how erotic romance can help us understand our fantasies, on the page and in real life. Go here to check it out.

Today, I attempted to answer the question of whether kink has truly entered the mainstream. Have a look and tell me what you think.

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We even kind of matched! We were bummed Kerry Adrienne couldn't be there, though.

We even kind of matched! We were bummed Kerry Adrienne couldn't be there, though.

I got to hang out with my Mated co-author, Shari Mikels at our very first book signing at RWA17! It was super awesome for us both to share that first, and we came home with plenty of print copies to spare. That means giveaways. Stay tuned, friends.

AND Mated was selected by Harlequin to go to their Direct-to-Consumer print program starting in December! That means you'll be able to order a print copy from Harlequin, as well as places like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 


RWA17 was an amazing time that I'm still trying to process. I took lots of notes, hung out with friends old and new, and even did a brief stint by the pool. I didn't expect to be the sort of person who actually enjoys going to conferences, (Hermits unite!) but there is something to be said for the energy of being in a hotel with 2,000 people who get it, who love the same things you love. There is also something to be said for friends who say yes to skipping that party and hanging out in your hotel room in your pjs instead. Cry-laughing until your stomach hurts is a GOOD. THING. And I will never think about dolphins the same way again.

The friends I've made, and the community I've found, since joining Romancelandia and RWA (shout-out to NECRWA and Passionate Ink!), have been the white chocolate cream cheese frosting on the cake of being a romance writer. Find your people, folks. Find them and hold on tight.

Sionna Fox