Cover Reveal! Symphony Amore

I can't describe the feeling I get when a cover lands in my inbox. It's one of the things that makes publishing feel real. Contracts? Meh, signature on a (still VERY IMPORTANT) piece of paper. Countless emails with editors and drafts turned in? Sure, but that's process not product. The cover is the first thing that's a real...thing. That's shareable. So! Whee! I did a small "I am excite" dance at the day job yesterday when I got the message from my lovely editor, Jordan, with a cover, a RELEASE DATE, and PREORDER LINKS for Symphony Amore: Erotic Stories of Love and Music.

Have I ever told you guys about how I studied classical voice between the ages of about 12 and 22? Well, in case you missed it, I did. True fact: one of my greatest accomplishments in life remains being complimented by Allen Shawn (brother of Wallace) on my performance of an aria. Like, I died of happiness at the top of the steps of the Carriage Barn. I don't even remember which aria it was, but I remember how that felt. 

So! When I saw a call for stories featuring musicians, heck to the yes I wrote one, and now you get to read it as part of this collection. "Etudes" is the story of Esther and Natalie, a composition grad student and a pianist who fall in lust/love over Liszt and poetry. And yes, I LOVED writing an F/F story (in spite of the endless struggle with pronouns and antecedents) and intend to write more queer ladies in love. ❤ 


Symphony Amore will be out on September 19 and is available for preorder (ebook only, at the moment, but it will be in print!) at:


Barnes & Noble



Official Blurb:

From deep DJ beats and dimly lit bars to sensual solos and classical crescendos, Symphony Amore introduces you to a dazzling range of musical performances.

In this collection of nine stories, there is a broad spectrum of musicians from all sections of the orchestra and beyond. Immerse yourself in tale of conductors and concert-goers, romantic encounters and hard-hitting BDSM play, and embrace the diverse cast that you'll meet.

Music truly is the universal language and these stories by Rosalía Zizzo, Charlotte French, Rebecca Chase, Genevive Chamblee, Jordan Monroe, Laura Callender, Sionna Fox, Elizabeth Coldwell, and Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk will give you hours of reading pleasure.

Sionna Fox