Retreat Weekends, New Projects, and Friends Who Kick Your Butt Then Give You Llama Washi

Last weekend, I spent a glorious forty-eight hours in the White Mountains with three excellent writer friends, eating, drinking, talking, and actually getting some words down. It was like a tiny slice of grown-up summer camp. All the good friendship feels, none of the drama. Plus arts and crafts. We may have washi taped the guest book. Sorry, not sorry. 

While there, I started working on a new project. Yay! Writing has been a struggle for the last few months, for a number of reasons, but after a good, swift kick in the pants pep talk (and a stiff drink or two) I dove in. I'll keep the details scant for now, but if you liked Dark Rooms, there's a pretty solid chance you'll like where I'm going with this. Hopefully I will have more details sooner rather than later. 

In the meantime, look at this lovely drink with its sugar rim! Be jealous of our fancy bartending skills! 

Sionna Fox