Rogue Passion, "Fight Fire with Fire"


"Fight Fire with Fire” by Sionna Fox (f/f) blew me away. It was beautiful, nuanced, deeply characterized, full of glorious details about art and creativity and curating art exhibits. It was delightfully insistently queer in a way that just took my breath away and felt so intensely resonant. It made me cry, I felt so much for these characters, felt so held by the story."

Corey's Book Corner

"Fight Fire with Fire by Sionna Fox was probably my favorite story out of the entire anthology...The relationship seemed to happen very naturally and we switch between the two’s POVs and the mutual pining was cute."

GoodReads Review

"This was faaaantastic...This one really went all out with tackling social issues, and the incorporation of body image was great." 

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Bound To

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"Bound To is an erotic bittersweet coming of age romance devoted to helping a sheltered young woman explore her sexual needs while addressing her mental and emotional issues. A full body read that flows along at a steady pacing with a witty banter, steamy sex scenes, and an engaging heroine whose initiation into BDSM opens the door to infinite possibilities if only she can accept she is worthy of it all. The low-key angst and drama is a definite plus."

Smexy Books

"I absolutely flipping love this book!...there is something about this one, in particular, that had me completely glued to my Kindle. Ms. Fox hit a home run with this one!"

Behind Closed Doors Book Review

"Bound To was at its best when reminding us that getting to know who we really are might alter the person we always thought we were—and that’s okay." 

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Dark Rooms

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"It was hot, cold, tragic, vibrant, intoxicating, sexy, ouchy, fun, and entertaining and not necessarily in that order."

the Romance Reviews, TOP PICK

"A fun read and a definite add to your TBR list!"

Behind Closed Doors Book Review

"The illicit affair is sizzling hot and grabs the reader’s attention for a delightful adult read."

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