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Recent Releases


Rogue Ever After

Love never dies. Hope never ends. The Rogue series wraps up with eight new romances for dreamers who know “happily ever after” is a chance for a new start. Includes “Good Service.”

Fight Fire with Fire

A museum curator under fire for a controversial exhibition, an indie rock darling, the fight to keep the work of queer creators accessible, and the unexpected sparks in between.


Esther Kim, composition grad student and walking disaster has writer’s block. Until Natalie, adjunct pianist who plays Liszt like a dream, helps her turn the passion in her head into reality.

Tied Up

Old habits and loves die hard. Ian’s carefully ordered life has been in turmoil since Kate left. Now that she’s back, he’ll risk anything, and change everything, for a chance to try again.

I felt like I *knew* these people, I understood these people, I emoted with these people. I was drawn into the highs and lows as they were figuring out how did this work, *could* this work? All the while being true to themselves, their motivations & their struggles. There was no quick fix for either of them.


Sionna writes award-winning sweet/hot HEAs, reads slower than she used to, thinks they deserve an award for not pulling over to pet the alpacas every time she drives by, drinks too much coffee, and has a weakness for women in suits, washi tape, and stickers.

They live in New England with their very patient spouse and very put-upon rescue pitbull.

You can find her procrastinating at: