Take one neurotic new girl in town and one kinky neuroscientist, add sparks and a side of sexual awakening. This might hurt later.

Old habits and loves die hard. Ian’s carefully ordered life has been in turmoil since Kate left. Now that she’s back, he’ll risk anything, and change everything, for a chance to try again.

A museum curator under fire for a controversial exhibition, an indie rock darling, the fight to keep the work of queer creators accessible, and the unexpected sparks in between.

When they met on Friday night, he dominated her. When he walked into her classroom Wednesday morning, she was in charge.

Esther Kim, composition grad student, music librarian, and walking disaster has writer's block. Until Natalie, adjunct pianist who plays Liszt like a dream, helps her turn the passion in her head into reality.

When Callie Anders wakes up in her best friend's bed with a hangover that makes her feel like she's been hit by a truck—well, it's because she has been hit by a truck. And turned into a shape-shifting wolf with a raging lust to jump her gorgeous best friend Sam, the werewolf who bit her. Happy twenty-first birthday.


Sionna writes award-winning sweet/hot HEAs, reads slower than she used to, thinks they deserve an award for not pulling over to pet the alpacas every time she drives by, drinks too much coffee, and has a weakness for expensive paint.

They live in New England with their very patient spouse and very put-upon dog.

She procrastinates on Instagram.