Rogue Ever After

Rogue Ever After is no longer available.

Love never dies. Hope never ends. The Rogue series wraps up with eight new romances for dreamers who know “happily ever after” is a chance for a new start.

Featuring stories by Ainsley Booth, Tamsen Parker, Tracey Livesay, Hudson Lin, KD Fisher, Chace Verity and KK Hendin

“Good Service” by Sionna Fox

Evan doesn’t miss politics. Bartending a stone’s throw from the state house is as close as he’ll get now, until Tessa sits tearing apart a bill, full of passion. Tessa might be three steps ahead of the former wonk, but sparks fly over offers to put her in touch with old contacts. Tessa’s burning need to fix the world could bring Evan too close to the old fires, but he can’t resist the temptation.