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Allie Murray has had sex. Good sex, even.

Until a breakup leaves her reeling and she develops pain in her pants region no doctor can diagnose.

As if navigating a demanding job and the perils of online dating isn’t enough, Allie embarks on a quest to find out why she always feels like she’s sitting on a rusty hot poker. She’s determined to reclaim her body—and her love life.

After months on a merry-go-round of doctors who don’t believe her, right swipes who ghost her, and dates that turn sour when she takes sex off the table, Allie thinks she’s found a guy who’ll understand. But when he’s anything but understanding and a woman at a neighboring table live-tweets the intensely personal conversation, Allie’s private pain goes viral.

Allie never wanted to be the poster girl for anything. Now all she wants to do is escape or blanket fort with her roommate and her best guy friend. But surviving online infamy opens Allie’s world to new purpose, new community. And maybe even new love.